We use high-quality seedlings and sustainable farming practices to grow crops that are both nutritious and environmentally friendly. We also support local communities by providing them with jobs and economic opportunities.


We source produce from local farmers who do not have equitable access to middlemen, offering them fair prices for their crops and helping them reach new markets.


We are relentlessly pursuing our vision of becoming a destination for produce on the African continent. Crops sourced from our farms and elsewhere will be processed into finished products, minimizing wastage and maximizing value for our customers.

Equipment Leasing​

We empower farmers with the equipment they need to grow more, do more, and be more profitable. Our flexible leasing terms make it easy for farmers to get the equipment they need, when they need it, without breaking the bank.

Community engagement

At Agbeyewa, we do not only plant seedlings that grow into harvestable crops, we also empower thriving agricultural communities by providing them with employment, access to fair markets, and technical expertise to build a sustainable agro-allied future for Africa.