One Land, One Growth, One Harvest

Our culture is what drives us, and it is our secret sauce. The way we approach everything we do is governed by this, and it is well documented. Our interactions, engagement, influence and impact on the communities where we operate are a deliberate part of The Agbeyewa Way – our culture statement, and we ensure that we’re living this creed from the very start of our activities. We hold meetings with community leaders to put minds together and chart ways forward on every initiative that affects us.
The Agbeyewa farm covers a vast expanse of land in each of our operating locations, and we are surrounded by various smaller settlements which are a part of each of these communities. We’re constantly working to leave a positive taste in every community we find ourselves, and as in every productive partnership, we are keen on seeing them grow because of our presence.
We’re in this together, and we ensure that we carry our communities along with our determination to bring growth. Creating employment is one of the driving factors of the Agbeyewa vision, and we already employ hundreds of locals in each of our farms, and this number is constantly growing.
We believe that there is more than one benefit derived from the harvest of a crop. The produce itself and the impact on those who are in one way or another a part of it. This collective multifaceted, mutually beneficial outcome is what we see as “One Harvest”, because even when the outcomes are many, the goal is mutual growth.

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Agbeyewa Farms recently partnered with the Grace for Impact Foundation, an international non-profit organization, to...



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